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babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::ProgressBarWidget Class Reference

Inherited by babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::CurrTotal, babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::ETA, babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::FileTransferSpeed, babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::Percentage, and babiloo-2.0.11::core::modules::progressbar::RotatingMarker.

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Detailed Description

This is an element of ProgressBar formatting.

The ProgressBar object will call it's update value when an update
is needed. It's size may change between call, but the results will
not be good if the size changes drastically and repeatedly.

Definition at line 66 of file progressbar.py.

Public Member Functions

def update

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