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babiloo-2.0.11::core::dictionary::pystardict::_StarDictIfo Class Reference

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Detailed Description

The .ifo file has the following format:

StarDict's dict ifo file

Note that the current "version" string must be "2.4.2" or "3.0.0".  If it's not,
then StarDict will refuse to read the file.
If version is "3.0.0", StarDict will parse the "idxoffsetbits" option.

In the example above, [options] expands to any of the following lines
specifying information about the dictionary.  Each option is a keyword
followed by an equal sign, then the value of that option, then a
newline.  The options may be appear in any order.

Note that the dictionary must have at least a bookname, a wordcount and a
idxfilesize, or the load will fail.  All other information is optional.  All
strings should be encoded in UTF-8.

Available options:

bookname=      // required
wordcount=     // required
synwordcount=  // required if ".syn" file exists.
idxfilesize=   // required
idxoffsetbits= // New in 3.0.0
description=    // You can use <br> for new line.
sametypesequence= // very important.

Definition at line 37 of file pystardict.py.

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