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babiloo-2.0.11::core::dictionary::pystardict::StarDict Class Reference

Inherits dictionary::DictionaryType.

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Detailed Description

Dictionary-like class for lazy manipulating stardict dictionaries

All items of this dictionary are writable and dict is expandable itself,
but changes are not stored anywhere and available in runtime only.

We assume in this documentation that "x" or "y" is instances of the
StarDictDict class and "x.{ifo,idx{,.gz},dict{,.dz),syn}" or
"y.{ifo,idx{,.gz},dict{,.dz),syn}" is files of the corresponding stardict

Following documentation is from the "dict" class an is subkect to rewrite
in further impleneted methods:

Definition at line 401 of file pystardict.py.

Public Member Functions

def __contains__
def __delitem__
def __getitem__
def __init__
def __len__
def __repr__
def clear
def get
def getFilePath
def getName
def getTypeStr
def has_key
def keys
def load

Public Attributes


Private Attributes


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